John Brett

John is a professional engineer with 50 years experience.

John has designed and built many cars, trucks, and vehicle assembly facilities.

John has worked on design of roads, bridges, cranes, transmission towers, and buildings, and operation, maintenance and upgrade of hydro and gas turbine power stations.

John was a LVV Certifier for 13 years. John has long been a whistle-blower, expressing the view that the LVV system is dangerously deficient. John’s authority was revoked in December 2012.

John rides a 1992 Yamaha FJ1200ABS, and is also a keen road and off road cyclist.


“The LVVTA has brought it to my attention that statements I have made in relation to it and its employees may have been perceived as defamatory.

I sincerely regret that and apologise for any harm caused. I have taken down the statements identified by the LVVTA of concern to it.

I have strong views about the low volume vehicle certification process and intend in the future to direct my energies into the public inquiry now being held in relation to it.”

John Brett 7th October 2015


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Give a Little- Please!


The cost to me of defending Mr Johnson’s application for an Injunction to suppress this website has been $8264
Huge thanks to the generous donors who have already contributed $1233.45.

My financial position now is RETIRED, (now my LVV Certification authority has been revoked) and my only income is from National Super.

We WON the case, and Mr Johnson and the LVVTA were DENIED the Injunction that they wanted.
We WON because New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, gives the entitlement to free speech, according to clause 3(b) relating to “by any person or body in the performance of any public function, power, or duty conferred or imposed on that person or body by or pursuant to law”. This clearly applies to Mr Johnson and the LVVTA.
New Zealand Bill of Rights

I then applied to the High Court for costs, although I represented myself, I had extensive legal help from Andrea Halloran, Staff Barrister, of Chris Patterson Barrister Limited

The Judges decision has finally arrived- Judge Woolford has decreed that Costs shall lie where they fall- in other words- I can claim nothing.

My actions were motivated by concern for public safety, and the way the Low Volume system was being run, and aimed at provoking the NZTA into reviewing the Low Volume Vehicle Certification system.
This is now happening, and I await to see the final outcome. I hope that we will have once again a workable Low Volume Vehicle Certification system which will benefit all Vehicle Modifiers.

FREE SPEECH about the dangers of the LVV System has cost me my LVV Certification business, instigated by Mr Johnson, and now, thousands of dollars to defend against Mr Johnson’s allegations of DEFAMATION.

The $7544 debt is a burden in my retirement, and I would appreciate any further donations, no matter how small, and call on everyone who will benefit from new Low Volume Certification system to make a small donation.


I have served my statement of defense, and there is a Case management Conference on 1st September before a Judge.

NEWS 2 August 2016- The Give a Little page has closed, and can’t be revived. So we have started another page, with exactly the same content. Not showing is the $1233.45 already donated

See Give a Little

Thank you for your support, now and in the past

John Brett

2 comments to Give a Little- Please!

  • dave


    that first link has an extra “https://” in it so doesn’t work.

    Sorry to hear about the costs, but really glad to hear the free speech is alive and well in NZ.

    The costs of losing that case must sting a bit with the LVVTA management committee. Someone’s credibility may have taken a hit with that little bill!

  • johnbrett

    Hi Dave
    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve fixed it now, it’s a trap which I forgot about, WordPress prompts with “http://” and you have to be careful to REPLACE the prompt, not add to it.

    I don’t think LVVTA currently HAVE a Management Committee, there have been complaints about LVVTA operating outside their rules, therefore illegally. Certainly some Member organizations have become very dissatisfied.

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