John Brett

John is a professional engineer with 50 years experience.

John has designed and built many cars, trucks, and vehicle assembly facilities.

John has worked on design of roads, bridges, cranes, transmission towers, and buildings, and operation, maintenance and upgrade of hydro and gas turbine power stations.

John was a LVV Certifier for 13 years. John has long been a whistle-blower, expressing the view that the LVV system is dangerously deficient. John’s authority was revoked in December 2012.

John rides a 1992 Yamaha FJ1200ABS, and is also a keen road and off road cyclist.


“The LVVTA has brought it to my attention that statements I have made in relation to it and its employees may have been perceived as defamatory.

I sincerely regret that and apologise for any harm caused. I have taken down the statements identified by the LVVTA of concern to it.

I have strong views about the low volume vehicle certification process and intend in the future to direct my energies into the public inquiry now being held in relation to it.”

John Brett 7th October 2015


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Vehicle Design Consultancy

We now offer a consultancy in Vehicle Design.
We have actually been doing this for years already, and decided to give the business a name!
John Brett has been practicing as a LVV Certifier for 12 years, and been designing, building and modifying vehicles of all sorts for over 40 years.
His experience is as a qualified professional, with extensive experience and training in Metallurgy, Welding, Stress analysis, Vehicle manufacture, and Mechanical Design.

Here are some of the things we are currently doing- Design and Certify

We offer:

Chassis Design

Design, stress analysis, detail working drawings for new construction and modifications to:

1 Ladder frame chassis
2 Space-frame chassis
3 Monocoque body shells
Examples include:
1 Boat trailers
2 Chassis stretches, C-Notches, complete chassis replacements
2 Stretch Limousines
3 Utility and Convertible conversion
John’s experience ranges from bicycles frames to penstock transporters, and includes pioneering design of ready-mix concrete trucks.

See Body Restructure: Body Restructure

Suspension and Steering Design

Geometry analysis and component design.
1 Graphical analysis of Camber and Caster, Roll Centre, etc
2 Graphical analysis of bump-steer, on front and rear axles
3 Detailed component working drawings
4 Metallurgical and welding recommendations for modified parts.
John’s experience started with technical training, followed by setting up cars for racing at the Levin race circuit in the 1960’s

Power train Design and Modification
Technical advice, and practical strategies for power-train design and re-power.
The expertise available runs from Human powered, through Electric powered, through to Gas Turbine power of over 100 Mw, and includes all sorts of piston powered and hybrid options in between.
John manufactured millions of dollars worth of Turbine components in NZ, including Curtiss Wright Power Turbine stator casings, to keep Electricorp Power Stations operating

Call that a big engine? Try 25,000Kw!

Electric Vehicles
We have Certified and assisted with the design of many electric vehicles. This follows on from my extensive experience in the Electric Power Industry, and as Generation Engineer Gas Turbines at the old Electicorp
Electic Rav 4, featured in SHED magazine

Braking Systems
Many brake upgrades are easy, bolt on changes. There can be dangerous problems however if components do not match, or are set up incorrectly.
Problems arise with master cylinder and boosters sizes , also with proportioning valves, ABS and Electronic Brake Force distribution systems.
We have dealt with all of these issues, and know the best ways to get it right.

Seating, Seatbelts, and Occupant retention
Design of stressed and unstressed seats, seatbelt installations, and anchorages.
1 Design of seatbelt geometry to meet ADR standards and to LVV Std. 175.00
2 Design of seats to ADR standards and LVV Std 185-00
3 Design of REAR-FACING seat installations to ADR standards and to LVV Standard 185-00
See my design for Unit Seats

Door and Door-retention systems
Design of “Lambo-door” hinge systems, “Suicide Door” systems, and electric openers
1 Many kits are available which are unsafe, and need major modification to meet standards.
2 Body side-structures frequently need major strengthening in many cases.

Cargo Tie-downs and Load Retention
Design of loading racks for interior fit-outs, or external racks.
1 External Glass racks
2 Internal load carrying racks and shelving
3 Tool-racks and trays for service vehicles.

Loading Equipment
Loading equipment for Vehicle recovery, Agricultural Contractors etc.
1 Special Ramp-decks for trucks
2 Ramps for loading to conventional decks
3 Self-loading trailers

Motorcycles, Trikes
We can advise and assist with Motorcycles, Choppers, Trikes, Side-cars, Motorcycle trailers, whether powered by internal combustion or electric.

Cranes, Hoists, Inspection systems
We have designed entire car assembly factories- we can offer a design service for your facilities

Contact John Brett on 0800 LOWVOLUME (0800 569865) or
Email John at

John on his Pinarello Quattro

John’s Electric Car Challenge! Show me an electric car that can travel as far as me on my bike! (and that’s WITHOUT whatever Lance Armstong was on)